Vote “Frost for Mayor” Monday October 16, 2017

Edmonton Citizens are Tired of Campaign Promises...

Edmonton Mayoral Candidate Carla Frost will only Promise What will be Done.

The Simple Solution

ECO-Friendly Edmonton

Preserve our Urban areas For the Future

Support Innovation and Engineering

Improve our Quality of Health and Wellness

Lets Grow Grow and Grow Together

Elect Carla Frost
Help us Elect Carla Frost for Mayor

Downtown Edmonton is new and exciting.

Lets bring creative job opportunities into this vibrant district.

Let's Work Together

Building and securing a better future for the Street Community , low-income and all levels of those in need.

WHO is going to LEAD Edmonton as we face Financial Disappointment & Debt???


Edmonton is home to state of the art Peter Hemingway swimming facility.

Special Services- like Hydrotherapy for Individuals with unique needs:
Cancer recovery
Seniors with chronic pain
Workers injuries.

Let’s continue to Grow and improve quality of life….


Campassionate Pet Therapy
Cancer Patients
Senior care
Visually impaired
Mental Health
*All Edmonton individuals with Special Needs.

More Problems….More promises…
Vote Carla Frost
Monday October 16, 2017
Simply Smarter Solution


History of Edmonton Transportation has come a long way.

We face many decisions for the future LRT.

Let’s balance Edmonton parks by utilizing our amazing Northlands District.

STRIVING For Excellence

Empowering A Voice for Women and All Health and Safety.

Bridge together to end segregation within school systems.

Protect our water for quality assurance for our Future

Youth Cadet Club is our Next generation of Soldiers. A true symbol of respect and service.

Edmonton working with all levels of government to ensure and support quality end of life Hospice Care.

In Memory of all our loved ones and For future generations.